“Children and youngsters who are invisible to society are made visible through Art”

Projeto Axé is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1990 in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil), by Cesare de Florio La Rocca, a lawyer and educator from Florence. Its goal is to rehabilitate children and youngsters living on the streets, who are excluded from social and family life, through the use of a unique pedagogical methodology, the Pedagogy of Hopes and Desires.

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Projeto Axè - Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Since its inception, Projeto Axé has rehabilitated more than 18,000 young people and reintegrated them into schools, families and social settings, with a success rate of around 85%.

Projeto Axé currently works with about 900 children and youngsters from Salvador (divided equally between boys and girls and aged between 4 and 25) through rehabilitation activities including education in Art (music, dance, capoeira, fashion, figurative arts), support for school attendance and reintegration into the families and communities of origin.

The Association Axé Italia Onlus was founded in Florence in 2004 to promote in Italy and other European countries the pedagogical methodology developed by Projeto Axé and to raise funds to support its activities, enabling it to benefit ever more children.
Following the reorganisation and strengthening of the Association Axé Italia Onlus and its management structure, in November 2009 its head offices moved to Rome.

Life stories

Projeto Axé has transformed the lives of many children and youngsters. For most of them life on the streets of Salvador is now but a memory; they have learned to dream again, to hope, to nurture aspirations for the future. Some of them have gone on to become extraordinary artists, recognised for their talent and energy and working in the world of show business. If you want to know more about these exceptional life journeys read the stories of Silvane and Diego. On the same page there is also a short autobiography of Cesare de Florio La Rocca, founder and president of Projeto Axé.

  • Silvane Suele
    from meninha de rua to mezzosoprano...
  • My name is Silvane and I am 16 years old. Until six years ago I had no interest in studying, but instead begged at traffic lights for money to buy food...
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  • Diego Jesus da Cunha
    from Bahia to the Bolshoi...
  • My journey with Projeto Axé began because my brother danced with Axé, and I went to see a dance performance for the first time...
  • Read

"Intellectuals love poverty; the poor adore beauty".

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